“You’ve got the ideas, we have the room and skills to help you”

In addition to infrastructures and human resources, Biocant Park has defined a set of support services for companies, including R&D assistance, administrative services, project management, fundraising support and business development.

Physical Installation

We provide the right environment for innovation and application of advanced knowledge in value creation.






Training Rooms


Meeting rooms



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    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

    - Mark Twain

    Biocant Park also offers a model of Virtual Installation, which is the first form of connection to the park. With future physical installation as next step, companies virtually installed can benefit from a set of services, in the same way as Physical Installed companies.

    Contact us to know more about this mode and be part of our ecosystem right away.

    Business Development Support

    We provide sustained conditions for companies’ growth, in their different stages of development and investment. Our knowledge network allows us to carry out scientific and technological consulting, specialized diagnostic studies and other scientific based services. We also facilitate business support services that help entrepreneurs and their initiatives.

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    Financial Support and Accounting

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    Scholarships and non-dilutive Financing

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    Submission and Management of Confined Funds

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    Technology Transfer

    Biotech Equipment and Services

    Biocant Park offers R&D services and equipment available through the different units and companies installed in the park.


    Some of these offers are found in the UC-Biotech Building, the training center in Biotechnology belonging to Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology at University of Coimbra.


    You can learn more about the Units and Services available at UC-Biotech here.

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